Air Sketch v1.6 has been released with 2 brand new features!

by qrayon 9. August 2010 19:19
AirSketch banner 325x50

Thank you for all your feedback and great reviews in the App Store! We really appreciate all your support!

We are introducing two brand new features in this update: Zoom/Pan and Send To.

You can now fluidly zoom and pan around your sketches using 2 fingers. The remote image stays the same (full) size. Tip: Write smaller and smoother text while zoomed in. You can also make some fairly detailed drawings or edits using the pencil tool and zooming. Also, the eraser shrinks when zoomed in, allowing finer control.

send icon 

Tap on the new Send To icon to email your sketches as PDF and JPEG images, or save them to the Photo Library. Tip: JPEG images are typically much smaller than PDFs and are recommended for email to others, but PDFs contain the full-quality image.

This release also includes numerous smaller bug fixes, including smoother erasing.

We hope you enjoy these new additions.


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