How-To: Record a Movie of your Air Sketch with QuickTime X

by qrayon 22. June 2010 20:10

*** Update: Download our brand new App, Vittle, which turns your iPad into a Recordable Whiteboard. You can now make videos right on your iPad! ***

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to record your live sketches using Air Sketch on your iPad and QuickTime Player on the Mac.

Most people may not be aware that QuickTime X that ships with Snow Leopard has a built-in screen recording feature, which works great with Air Sketch. Here’s how to use it to create quick videos of your live sketches:


1. Start Air Sketch on your iPad.

2. Open Safari on your Mac. Under the bookmarks menu, select “Show All Bookmarks”, then select the Bonjour category on the left list. Double click on “Air Sketch by qrayon”. If you are using a different browser, such as Firefox, tap on the server icon on the bottom left of Air Sketch and type in the displayed address into the browser’s address bar.

3. Adjust the size of your browser window to show the full drawing area. It may be easiest to just make it full screen.

3. Open QuickTime Player. Under the file menu, select New Screen Recording, or Control+Command+N.

New Screen Recording menu

The Screen Recording window will appear:

QuickTime screen recording

4. You can choose to also record sound via your computer’s microphone, or not via the dropdown. This also let’s you set the quality and destination of the recording.

5. When you are ready, click the record button, then “Start Recording”.

6. Create your masterpiece.

7. Click “Stop Recording” in the menu bar or Command+Control+ESC when you are done. This will open the movie you just created.

8. You can trim the movie using QuickTime Player. Useful to remove the inadvertent pause at the beginning and end.

 QuickTime send to menu

9. You can now rename your movie file, and perform any additional post production work you need.

Here’s an example of a movie that was produced this way:

For Windows users, check out the amazing and free CamStudio recording tool.

Feel free to post links to your own creations in the comments!


Air Sketch | How-To

The Full Version of Air Sketch is Now Available!

by qrayon 22. June 2010 00:33

Get it from the App Store.


Air Sketch

Introducing Air Sketch!

by qrayon 21. June 2010 20:05

AirSketch banner 325x50

Sketch wirelessly to your browser from your iPad in real time!

The iPad is perfect for drawing and sketching, but it hasn't been easy to record or share your work in real-time. Until now.

Just fire up Air Sketch on the iPad and open the specified URL from any HTML5 compatible browser on your network to see your sketches in real-time as you draw. There's no additional client software to install. Use Air Sketch at home, the office, or even with a friend's laptop.

Connect your laptop to a projector to sketch wirelessly to a big screen.

Air Sketch is also perfect for recording videos of your drawings, sharing them with remote colleagues via online meeting or desktop sharing software (such as iChat), or incorporating the iPad into your desktop-based workflow.



IMG_0110 IMG_0112

 IMG_0111 IMG_0114

 IMG_0113 IMG_0132


Coming Soon to the App Store!

We are very proud to announce that Air Sketch is coming to the App Store on June 22nd. We’ve really enjoyed using it ourselves, and hope that you will find it useful for your work. Please let us know what you think, and how you are using it. We try to take all your feedback into consideration for future releases.

We continue to be amazed by what the iPad platform is capable of, and are excited to be building more innovative (and dare we say slightly magical) Apps that are only possible on the iPad.

We hope you enjoy Air Sketch!

Learn more on the Air Sketch product page.

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