Inkflow 3.6 with iOS7 Support

by qrayon 27. March 2014 16:41

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We’ve just released Inkflow 3.6 to the App Store, re-mastered with a native iOS7 UI and 64-bit support.

Yes, *finally*! :)

Inkflow Re-Mastered

I know a lot of folks have been patiently waiting for this. Why did it take so long? We wanted to be extra-extra careful. Unlike previous iOS updates, iOS 7 was more than just an interface change. It wasn’t a simple matter of just changing a few flags and re-compiling. A number of things had to be re-written just to work the same way.

It’s a non-trivial amount of work, and we had initially considered rolling this out as a paid upgrade. However, in the end we decided to make it a free update for everyone, for a couple of reasons:

1. Some folks really hate paying for updates, and

2. Our loyal customers don’t like big changes, especially loss of functionality.

Both of these are understandable. You guys depend on Inkflow to get your work done, and we want to make sure there are no disruptions.

So, with v3.6 you can expect two things: It’s a free update, and everything should work the same as before.

Of course, “work the same” doesn’t mean it can’t be a bit better:

Interface Improvements

You’ll notice a more streamlined UI with more emphasis on your content. No more plasticky bevels! :) Replaced with understated gray with thin & light icons.


Even the palette is thinner, leaving more room for your canvas.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a few new animations here and there, but we’ve been careful not to go overboard with them (it’s tempting, believe me).

Note that Apple has discontinued support the original iPad 1 for iOS7. However, if you have one, you can still download the previous version with iOS 6 support. Inkflow still runs great, even on the original iPad.

Ok, Go Get It!

If you have auto-updates enabled in the App Store, you might already have the update installed by now. If not, just download it here.

I hope you like this update. Each version is rated separately. If you have a moment, please consider leaving us a rating in the App Store. It really means a lot to us!


Introducing Presentation Recorder

by qrayon 3. March 2014 10:18

PresentationRecorder banner 325x50

Hey everyone, I hope 2014 has been a productive year for you so far. We’ve certainly been busy. I’m pleased to announce our first new App launch of this year: Presentation Recorder for iPad.

We think there’s one killer feature missing from Keynote, which is the ability to record videos of your slides. Presentation Recorder fills that gap.


Using it is super easy:

1. Open a PDF deck from Keynote, PowerPoint, or elsewhere

2. Tap Record, and

3. Start speaking.


Everything you say and point to is recorded in sync with the displayed slides. The video is automatically saved the moment you are done, and you can immediately share it directly in Email, post it to YouTube / Vimeo, or upload it via Apps such as Dropbox.


Presentation Recorder is ideal for:

- Recording instructional videos,

- Sales and marketing presentations,

- Remote collaboration, and much more.


In many ways, the iPad is the ideal form factor for recording screencasts. It has all the necessary hardware built in, you can point directly to things, and can share videos even on the go. We believe video creation is a killer App on the iPad, and we hope that Presentation Recorder helps show folks just how easy and powerful this can be.

If you think Presentation Recorder might be helpful for your work or business, check it out here.

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