Announcing Stickyboard 2!

by qrayon 8. October 2011 13:56

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Stickyboard has continued to be popular in the App Store, and we have received plenty of feedback from you guys on how to make it better. Thank you! We’ve been listening carefully, and have actually been hard at work on a completely new version for a while. Truth is, the original Stickyboard was among the very first Apps ever designed specifically for the iPad. We’ve learnt a lot since then, and have created a completely new release, rebuilt from the ground up.

With Brand New Features:

Board Gallery

Board management is completely redesigned around a gallery view. Flip through large thumbnails of your boards. You can now name your boards, and make copies of them easily.




undo redo buttonsStickyboard 2 supports unlimited undo/redo. Don’t worry about messing up your carefully arranged layouts again.


Cut Copy DeleteCopying notes is now a snap. Select multiple notes using our unique lasso-select, then tap to cut & paste. This also makes it easy to move notes across multiple boards.


ink scribbleThe ink system is based on a brand new OpenGL engine, and is much smoother than ever before.




And A Little Magic…

The most exciting feature of Stickyboard 2 is something we call Magic Arrange. One of the biggest pains of working with many sticky notes at a time is having to arrange and rearrange them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just wave your hands and have them neatly arrange themselves? Well, with the magic of the iPad and Stickyboard 2, now you can!

Just select a bunch of notes, then swipe with 3 fingers to instantly arrange them into neat piles, or fan them out into a grid, columns, or rows. Here’s a video of Magic Arrange in action:


This is going to change the way you work with sticky notes, and you are never going to look at paper notes the same way again!

A Free Offer for our Fans:

Update: The Public Beta has now ended. Thank you for all your great feedback! Download Stickyboard 2 here.

Stickyboard 2 will soon be available for purchase from the App Store for the iPad and iPad 2. Because the code is literally all new, it will be released as a separate download. However, we wanted to reward our loyal users and readers of our blog, so are offering a very limited number of free download codes. To request one, just write in via our feedback form with a brief note on what you would use it for, and if you are an existing Stickyboard user. Preference will be given to those who have purchased the original Stickyboard (we’ll use the honor system here Winking smile). All that we ask in return is that you use Stickyboard 2 and let us know what you think about it in email.

Thank You for your Support!

We continued to be fascinated by the magical things you can do with the iPad, and are committed to bringing more and more innovative Apps to you. If you like what you see, please continue to rate our Apps in the App Store and tell your friends about them. We also appreciate your continued feedback on what else you would like to see in the future. There’s still lots more to be done!

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