Air Sketch 2.0 Undo Issue with non-FireFox Browsers

by qrayon 9. October 2010 11:15
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Update: This issue has been addressed in v2.1, released on Oct. 21st.

An issue has been discovered where the undo-drawing function doesn’t always work when annotation PDF documents on non-FireFox browsers such as Safari or Chrome. We have already shipped a fix which should be available as a free update once it passes Apple’s final review, hopefully in 7-12 days time. We have noticed that the review times have been quite unpredictable lately.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. :( In the meantime, we recommend using the latest version of FireFox (3.6.10) if possible.

Easier page flipping

On a slightly brighter note, this update (2.1) will also include a small refinement: You will be able to flip PDF pages by tapping on the left and right side gray margins when the page is zoomed all the way out. This should make it easier to navigate slides during a presentation.


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