Stickyboard Sneak Peek: Email PDF

by qrayon 6. May 2010 07:14


This has been a top hotly requested feature by our beta testers since day one. We’re happy to announce that the feature is now ready and will be in the next major update. What do you think of the icon?


We wrestled between choosing to implement different means for sharing Stickyboard content, including file-sharing via iTunes, sending images, and integrating with upload sites like Flickr. Our internal testing found email to be far and away the most convenient method that we chose to use daily. Our iPads are always connected via WiFi, and rarely docked with iTunes. To be honest, we struggled quite a bit to use the file-sharing feature on other Apps. It’s not very easy to find or use on the current version of iTunes.

Emails in contrast are fire-and-forget. Sending them from in the app feels very much like a slightly fancier save-as dialog. Emails are also a very convenient way to archive boards that go through successive changes, like our scheduling boards. They server as an official record of what was agreed upon at a given time.

What file-sharing features do you find you use the most on iPad apps? What has been your experience?

We hope to have this out and in your hands within a couple of weeks (that’s the nature of working with the Apple review and deployment pipeline). We are also working on a couple of other really cool features that will be out soon. Stay tuned!


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