Announcing Air Projector Free!

by qrayon 22. December 2010 15:49

AirProjector banner 325x50

We’re pleased to announce that Air Projector Free has just gone live in the App Store, our little holiday gift to you and your friends. This app lets you project your recent photos from your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to a browser on any computer on the same network.

Just fire up Air Projector Free and type in the displayed URL in your web browser. Then flip through the photos on your iPhone and the remote display updates automatically. Hook up your laptop to your TV to show off your latest photos to your friends and family on the big screen.

If you like Air Projector Free, also check out the Full Version, which also allows you to:

  • Project PDF files and photo libraries
  • Use a virtual laser pointer
  • And more!

Happy holidays from everyone at Qrayon!

Link: Air Projector Free in the App Store


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