Quarter Shuffle for the iPad

Available for the iPad.
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Re-live idle school day afternoons by challenging your friends to a game of Quarter Shuffle, or play solo.

The object is simple: You play 3 frames of 3 bowls each. Slide your quarters as close to the center of the target as you can. The outer target is worth 20 points, the inner one 50, and bulls-eye earns you 150 points. Be careful not to knock your on-target coins off!

Sounds easy enough? Now go try to score 400 points.


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  • Realistic coin physics, and a smooth, intuitive interface.
  • A fun musical score that's sure to bring a smile to your face.
  • Plenty of trash-talking opportunities in competitive play. Great for both the dorm and family room.

Tips and Tricks:

General tips:

  • Plan your placements: Go for a 50-pointer before trying for the bulls-eye. It's harder to get a 50-pointer once you have a bulls-eye without possibly knocking it out.
  • Use stoppers: When a coin hits another coin straight-on it will come to a complete stop and send the other coin flying. Use this technique to get a coin on the bulls-eye by first placing a coin one coin-diameter above it, then hiting it gently with the next coin.
  • Bounce: Coins bounce off the top of the board. Use this to your advantage. Some players find it easier to control the coin speed by first bouncing off the top.
  • Practice makes perfect: Take a few games to get a feel of the coin physics. It's amazing how powerful your muscle memory is.
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