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Tidy Mind
Tidy Mind for Mac. Powerful, freeform mind maps for macOS. Learn more »

Noteflow. It's digital pen and paper. Copy and paste from the real world into vector ink. Learn more »

Cardflow. Learn, plan, and organize with magical digital index cards! Learn more »

Slidecast. Record professional video slide presentations right on your iPad or iPhone. Learn more »

AirSketch Pro
AirSketch Pro. Wirelessly project presentations from your iPad. Learn more »

Vittle. Record lessons and flip your classroom. Learn more »

Inkflow. Move your thoughts around the page and assemble big ideas with your fingers! Learn more »

SyncBoard. Link multiple iPads and iPhones as a shared virtual whiteboard. Learn more »

Audio Notebook
Audio Notebook. Beautifully integrated audio recorder and notebook. Learn more »

Smart Scanner Pro
Smart PDF Scanner Pro. Turn your iPhone into a powerful document scanner and organizer. Learn more »

Resume Star
Resume Star. Create a professionally typeset and precision targeted resume. Learn more »

[Air Scanner]
Air Scanner. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless document camera! Learn more »

[Air Projector]
Air Projector. Leave the VGA dongle at home! Project PDFs and photos directly over WiFi. Learn more »

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We build apps that help you organize your thoughts just a little better, communicate a bit more effectively, and connect with others in rich and engaging ways. Each one can make a difference.

Here's a bit more about how we think about thriving in the Digital Age.

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Inkflow: A 'Word Processor' for Drawings by Cult of Mac.

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