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How to Set Up Air Scanner:

First, make sure both your iPhone / iPod Touch and computer are connected to the same network via WiFi (cellular is not supported), then follow these steps:

  1. Start Air Scanner.
  2. Note the IP address at the bottom (it should look something like “”).
  3. Start the browser on the computer, and type in the IP address exactly, including the port number.

Connection & Sharing Tips:

  • Air Scanner works with the latest versions of all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 5, Firefox 3.6, and Google Chrome.
  • Note that older browser versions may not support all the required APIs to display correctly. If you experience problems, try upgrading to the latest versions.
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to the network via WiFi. 3G connections are not supported.
  • Projections can even be viewed on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!
  • You can share projections with remote colleagues using any desktop sharing app such as iChat.
  • The remote projections update as quickly as the network allows. Make sure both your iPhone and computer have a strong wireless / network connection. Public networks and hotspots may introduce intermittent lag.
  • Note: Most public hotspots allow client-to-client communication, which Air Scanner relies on to work. However, some network administrators may choose to explicitly disable this feature. Contact your network administrator if you are unsure about this.
  • You can even use Air Scanner peer-to-peer with a computer via an ad-hoc network when a WiFi hotspot is unavailable.

Server Tips:

  • A note on multiple clients: Air Scanner is designed to work optimally with a single computer connected to the same local network as your iPhone / iPod Touch. While there is no "hard" limit to how many clients that can simultaneously connect to Air Scanner, we have observed that performance degrades with additional connections. At some point, you may start to see intermittent connection issues. So while limited multi-cast works for the most part, we can't officially recommend or support it.
  • We recommend that you use desktop sharing software (such as iChat for Mac) to share your presentations with additional participants, and dedicated online meeting services (such as WebEx) for larger audiences.
  • You can also find the link in Safari's Bonjour bookmarks. Click on the Bookmarks menu -> Show All Bookmarks -> Bonjour. There is also a free Bonjour plug-in for FireFox called BonjourFoxy.
  • Tap on the URL at the bottom of the screen to modify the server settings.
  • If you are running Air Scanner on a public or large network, secure your sessions by turning on the "Require Login" switch and specifying a username & password.
  • When logging on the browser, choose to "remember this username & password" in order to avoid having to re-enter it midway through your presentation.
  • You generally won't need to change the default port, unless there is another multi-tasking app using the same port on your device, or if there are restrictive settings on your network's firewall. We recommend keeping it at the default 8082 unless you need to change it.

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