★★★★★ Single Most Useful iPad App.
"Title says it all. If you are a sales or knowledge worker, this app is basically priceless." -- hh0117

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icon AirSketch Pro for iPad

Mirror your iPad to your PC or Mac, and use it as a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF slides and images live in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Launch AirSketch Pro.
Step 2: Enter the indicated URL in the web browser.
Step 3: Everything you present and write is projected to the browser, in real-time.

Wireless Presentations, and Live Annotations

Project PDF documents (such as exported PowerPoint or Keynote decks) and photos to a computer on the same local network, then annotate them in real time, all from your iPad. Zoom in to write in minute detail.

Respond instantly to your audience, while facing them, and engage them like never before.

No Subscription Fees, Plug-Ins, or Dongles

Just fire up AirSketch Pro on the iPad and open the specified URL from any current-version browser on the local network. Your images and drawings show up natively in the browser. There's no additional client software to install, and no monthly fees.

Free Yourself From the Podium

Connect your laptop to a projector to present and draw from your iPad as you walk around the room. Pass your iPad around to allow others to contribute.

Incorporate the iPad into your desktop-based workflow: Record videos of your live AirSketch drawings, or share them live with remote colleagues via any online meeting or desktop sharing software running on the computer (such as iChat or WebEx).

Upgrade to Pro at a Discount!

AirSketch Pro is a new, separate App from the original AirSketch. For a limited time, AirSketch owners can upgrade at a substantial discount by completing this App Bundle. Basically, you will just need to pay the difference in price to get the Pro Edition.

AirSketch Pro is completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with the top requested features from AirSketch.

AirSketch AirSketch Pro
Wireless projection of PDFs, images and ink X X
Real-time, live, annotations, with multi-level undo/redo X X
Works on any local web browser, with an optional wireless password X X
Export annotated PDFs and images X X
Customizable color palette X X
Palette colors 8 32
New high-quality ink and 2x image resolution X
Multi-project Gallery with color-coded categories X
Page manager: Insert, move and delete pages X
Zoom-Sync: Projection follows zoom on iPad for a larger effective workspace X
Virtual laser pointer X
Adjustable pen width X
High quality PDF and JPEG export X

See the AirSketch Pro User's Guide for a detailed runthrough of all its features.

Works on Standard Web Browsers

AirSketch Pro works with current versions of all major browsers, and even with another iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch! Note: AirSketch Pro is designed to work optimally with landscape documents and with a single computer connected to the same local network as your iPad.

No public WiFi? No problem. You can even use AirSketch Pro peer-to-peer with a computer via an ad-hoc network when a WiFi hotspot is unavailable (see this article the quick how-to).

People Love AirSketch

We work hard to build 5-star Apps, and are very grateful for all our 5 star reviews. Just a few for the original AirSketch:

★★★★★ Fantastic app.
"I've been using Air Sketch for over three years now, and it is hands-down one of the best classroom tools out there. Upload a PDF of my lecture with a lot or a little of info on each slide and write and draw for the whole class, moving around the lecture hall as I do so. Then I can save the annotated lecture notes and post them online as a study guide. Who could ask for more?" -- KaFaraqGatri

★★★★★ Perfect for the Modern Professor.
"I have been using AirSketch for 1.5 years now and find it to be the best teaching tool I've ever used. I keep all of my slides as PDF stacks on Dropbox and open them in AirSketch for a class period. I mark up the slides and have the ability to move around the classroom as much as I want. The engineering students I teach are always impressed that one of their instructors is utilizing technology to deliver content. Highly recommended!" -- MTBKit

★★★★★ Perfect.
"The best and simplest, most used whiteboard app I have. If all you want to do is broadcast images over any computer within your network, anywhere anytime... this is the one. I own several, btw. Import images, annotate, sketch. Export screens. That's all this does, and it does it well. Smooth and accurate drawing, very small lag between draw and project." -- bbecker2

Volume Purchases

You can also buy AirSketch pro at a 50% discount in packs of 20 or more for your school or business.

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We have designed and built a whole suite of Apps that help you create and communicate. If you like AirSketch Pro, you will also want to grab a copy of Vittle, which turns your iPad into a Recordable Whiteboard.

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-- The AirSketch Pro team at Qrayon.

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