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Vittle 3.6 with Video Speed Boost and Color Separation

Vittle 3.6 comes with a couple of useful new features:

Video Speed Boost

There's a new video speed setting in the scene editor. Tap it to boost the video speed by 25%, 35%, 50%, or 100%.

Add a slight speed boost to give an extra little pep to longer presentations or lectures.

This setting is sticky, but doesn't change the source video, so you can change it as often as you like.

Color Separation (iPad only)

Ever get into a situation where you wish you could just select the foreground lines and move them away from overlapping a background drawing?

Now, right after you lasso select ink, the Color Separation panel will appear in the lower left. Tap on individual color(s) to include in the selection. Now, further operations such as moving or resizing will only affect the selected colors.

This is pretty handy when you're using different colors to denote multiple layers of a diagram.

Tip: Tap on the canvas and tap “Select All” followed by Color Separation to quickly select all ink of a particular color.

Pencil-Only Drawing Mode

We know, palm-rejection or wrist protection has been an ongoing issue. There hasn't been a 100% perfect way to rest your hand on the screen, until now.

If you have an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, you can now toggle on the Pencil-Only Drawing Mode using the Pencil button at the lower left.

When activated, only the Apple Pencil can be used to draw, so no more stray marks. You can continue to use your fingers to zoom, pan, or select.

Please Rate the Update!

We know that Vittle is becoming an integral part of your professional workflow. You guys are creating some very impressive presentations and publishing them to YouTube and elsewhere. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil really are a best-in class platform for whiteboard video production. There simply isn't a better device available that we know of, at any price.

We hope you like these continued improvements. If you do, please consider taking a moment to leave a rating in the App Store. Each app version is rated separately, and updates without enough ratings suffer in their discoverability, which unfortunately disadvantages lower-volume productivity apps.

If your app hasn't auto-updated already, you can download the free update from the App Store.

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