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Announcing Remote Board Beta!

The whiteboard is one of our most powerful tools.

Nothing beats two or three people hashing out something in person with a marker in hand. The combination of talking out loud while sketching simple shapes enables a rapid and direct level of communication that's hard to beat.

But whiteboards have one big downside: they are fixed in one place. It's great when you are huddled in a small office, but what about when you are working from home, or with people hundreds of miles away?

Why, glad you asked...


Remote Board turns your iPad or iPhone into, well, a remote digital whiteboard: invite multiple people to join, and everyone can write and draw at the same time, just like in person (but with more elbow room).

Remote Board can do a whole lot more though: drop in photos or import PDF slide decks, and annotate them in real time. Get feedback on presentations, or deliver them live to remote participants across the world.

Each board can have multiple pages, so you'll never run out of space to write. Share boards as PDF files after you're done.

Who will find Remote Board most useful?

Remote Board will be invaluable for anyone who collaborates remotely:
  • For reviewing presentations and documents,
  • Remote tutoring and instruction,
  • Storytelling,
  • Visual design,
  • or simply when working from home.
Sounds like you? We want you to try it out.

Go here to download the beta today.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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