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Remote Board Beta 6 with Web View

Based on your feedback, you can now view boards on the web in real time.

The invite link goes directly to the web view. This means that you can invite participants who don't have an iOS device. They can follow along using their Android devices, Mac, or PC - pretty much anything with a web browser (maybe even a smart fridge?).

The web viewer is read-only, but iOS users will see a link to download the app to collaborate. We see many uses of Remote Board for presenting one-to-many, and other uses for one-to-one or small group collaboration.

But of course, the Beta is because we want to hear what you think! Do you find one mode more useful than the other?

Right now, we are evaluating if the Web View should be a standard feature, or if it will be more useful as a separate app. So, please do let us know your thoughts via the in-app or Testflight feedback form.

Thanks for participating in the Beta program!

If you have colleagues who would like to try out Remote Board, be sure to send them to the Beta signup form.

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