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Announcing Doodletime!

We're looking for Beta users to try out our latest app.

Doodletime is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Each time you start the App, you get a random word (like “banana”) and 60 seconds to doodle it. But instead of just another static picture, the result is a neat 6-second timelapse video that you can share on Vine, YouTube, or anywhere you like.

Here are a few examples:

Creativity loves constraint. Doodletime provides a simple and non-intimidating sandbox to create fun little pieces 60 seconds at a time. But you can explore a whole range of different expressions within those constraints. Try different styles, or give yourself extra challenges (draw with your non-dominant hand, or upside down, or with just your pinkie).

Use Doodletime as part of your own workflow. Do a couple doodles each morning to warm up your brain. Doodle after boring meetings. Keep them as a private art journal, or build a YouTube following around them.

If you think this might be fun, would you mind downloading the free Beta and letting me know what you think?

Thanks so much!