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AirSketch Pro v2

Hot on the heels of Inkflow 5, we’ve just released AirSketch Pro 2.0 with several new oft-requested features:

Pencil-Only Drawing Mode

This feature has been well-received on Cardflow and Inkflow. We're now rolling it out to AirSketch Pro.

When an Apple Pencil is connected, there will be a new stylus button at the lower left of the screen. Tap it to enable drawing only with the Pencil, allowing you to rest your hand on the screen without creating stray marks.


Tap the new freeze-frame (lock) button to freeze the projected view.

This is great for giving your audience extra time to catch up while you prepare the next slide, or switch to a different presentation.

Line Tool

There's a new Line tool in the palette. Select it to draw straight lines and basic shapes such as rectangles and ovals.

Jump to Page

There is a new button in the page picker to jump to a specific page. This is useful for navigating large presentations.

There's also a new option in the App Settings to remember the last opened page (rather than open presentations to the first page).

Updated for iOS10

AirSketch Pro v2 also includes several minor performance improvements and internal updates for the latest version of iOS.

Your Feedback Matters

Each of these new features was requested by at least one person. While we probably won't be able to implement everything folks ask for, your input helps us prioritize the product roadmap.

At this stage, we are not planning to radically change functionality, but are rather looking at ways to make small refinements to better fit individual workflows whenever possible.

Feel free to drop us a line via our feedback from. Even if it's just some comments on how you are using AirSketch Pro in your daily work, having a better picture of this helps us plan for the future. We may not be able to respond to every request, but rest assured we do read and consider them all.

Also, if you like these updates, please take a moment to leave a rating in the App Store. Each version is rated separately. Your rating helps keep AirSketch Pro visible in the App Store and supports future updates.


Download AirSketch Pro 2.0 here if your app hasn't already updated automatically.

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