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AirSketch Pro Beta

The original AirSketch launched four and a half years ago and it became an instant hit, finding use in classrooms and boardrooms all over the world. While we’ve added plenty of new features over the years, it's now time for a major overhaul.


Introducing AirSketch Pro

Our goal with AirSketch Pro was to rebuild AirSketch on a modern platform using the latest technology, one that can easily last the next 5 years. We also redesigned it with the most requested features to make your daily experience using it smoother, more flexible, and more worry-free.

Here are the top 3 new features:

Much Smoother Ink with Zoom-Sync
AirSketch Pro uses the Inkflow Ink Engine with its trademark smooth buttery flow. Perfect for even long problem work-throughs. The projected screen stays in sync with the iPad, so your audience can follow along, and gives you a huge virtual canvas to work on.

File Gallery and Page Manager
You can load and store multiple presentations in AirSketch Pro. Don't worry about losing your last session. You can also easily insert, move, or delete pages from a presentation. Great for adding an impromptu worksheet in the middle of prepared slides.

Better Tools
You can explicitly set the width of the pen, and also pick a virtual laser pointer or a highlighter. The customizable color palette now has 32 color pots, so you won't run out of options.

If you use AirSketch, we are pretty sure you'll find all of these new features useful in your work. If not, you can find out what you've been missing all these years.

Learn more here.

Get the Beta Now!

AirSketch Pro will launch soon, but you can get the free Beta right now. We still have slots to fill on a first-come-first-serve basis. Just sign up here.

Update 2/11/15: AirSketchPro is now in the App Store! Download it here!

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