[QDo for Mac]

Available for Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Lion.

QDo is the FREE simple App that helps keep you focused on your next task, and puts your to-do queue a click away.

QDo lets you store your to-do list in a simple text file using a flexible format. You can group tasks into milestones, and enter time estimates for your tasks.

QDo monitors changes to your to-do file and automatically computes the total time and number of tasks remaining. You can always see your task summary and very next task from a light-weight menu icon. Click on the next task to open your to-do file.

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We're productivity junkies here at Qrayon. We've tried dozens of different to-do Apps and systems, and have found that nothing beats the simplicity and flexibility of using a plain 'ol text file for managing our tasks. We built QDo for our own use and have found it so useful that we decided to share it with everyone. We figure that there are probably a number of people who prefer this kind of workflow.

Read more about how QDo came about on our blog.

Please let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future enhancements. If there's enough interest, we might even build an advanced version in the future.

We hope you enjoy using QDo.

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