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Connecting a Computer

Q. What computer do I need to use with Air Sketch?

A. You require a computer (Mac, PC, etc.) connected to the same network as the iPad running Air Sketch, running a recent version of a browser that supports HTML5 (FireFox 3, Safari 5, Chrome, Opera, etc.). Note that older versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 and below do not support HTML5, but Internet Explorer 9 does.

Q. How do I connect my computer to Air Sketch?

A. Make sure both the iPad and computer are connected to the same network (via WiFi for the iPad, 3G is not supported), then follow these steps:

1. Start Air Sketch on the iPad

2. Tap the server settings button in the lower left and note the IP address (it should look something like “”)

3. Start the browser on the computer, and type in the IP address exactly

Q. Is there an easier way to connect?

A. Yes! Air Sketch supports Bonjour bookmarks, which is supported by Safari and a Firefox add-in called BonjourFoxy. To connect with Safari:

1. Start Air Sketch on the iPad

2. From Safari’s Bookmarks menu, select “Show all bookmarks”, “Bonjour”, then the entry for Air Sketch.

Q. I tried these steps, but the browser shows a “Page not found” error. Did I miss something?

A. This error typically indicates an issue with the network. Double check that both the iPad and computer are connected to the same network.

The problem could also be a security setting on the network itself. Some public networks do not allow “peer-to-peer” connectivity. Check with your network administrator that this is supported. On a home network, check your router settings to make sure this is enabled. For instance, on some models of Apple’s AirPort routers, guest networks do not have this setting enabled by default.

Q. Can more than one computer connect at a time?

A. While more than one computer can connect at a time, each additional connection affects the performance of Air Sketch. We recommend using Air Sketch with a single connection at a time.

Q. Can someone connect to Air Sketch over the Internet?

A. Air Sketch requires a local WiFi connection. Connections over the Internet are not supported.


Using Air Sketch

Q. How do I customize the color palette?

A. Select a color, then tap on it again to bring up the customized color dialog. You can change each of the palette colors to whatever you wish.

Q. How do I clear the screen when there is a background image or PDF page?

A. Tap the erase button (on the lower right) once to clear any ink, then tap it again to clear any background image or PDF page. This is handy if you want a blank page when presenting a PDF document.

Q. How do I zoom and pan?

A. You can zoom and pan your image with 2 fingers. Pinch in and out to zoom, and scroll with 2 fingers to pan around when zoomed in.

When you are zoomed all the way out, lift your fingers, then pinch again to zoom out to a full-screen view (handy for PDF files).


PDF Files

Q. How do I open a PDF file in Air Sketch?

A. From an App that supports the “open in…” feature (such as the built-in Mail App , Dropbox,, Goodreader, etc.), view the PDF file, tap the “open in…” button and select Air Sketch.

Q. I don’t see Air Sketch on the list of “open in…” options, what’s going on?

A. Note that the list is scrollable. If there are more than 4 Apps that support PDF files, you may need to scroll down to see Air Sketch.

Q. How do I open more than one PDF file in Air Sketch?

A. Air Sketch supports one PDF file at a time. To more easily manage multiple files, we suggest using a document manager app such as Dropbox,, or Goodreader.



Q. Can I use Air Sketch on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

A. Air Sketch requires an iPad to run (it wouldn’t work very well on the smaller iPhone screen anyway). However, also check out our sister app, Air Projector, which allows you to project pictures and PDF files from your iPhone or iPod Touch to a connected browser just like Air Sketch.

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