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 Tidy Mind for Mac

Powerful, freeform mind maps for macOS.

Tidy Mind Pro is the ultimate tool to gather and organize your ideas.

Quickly jot down notes and concepts. Drag one note onto another to create links. Arrange notes into neat stacks with a single key.

Use easy and expressive markdown to format text. Add headings, lists, quotes, and more.

Paste lines of text into Tidy Mind to create multiple notes at once. Copy notes back into any text editor, where they appear as a block of text, to continue developing them there.

Tidy Mind is flexible to fit the way you work. Visualize and manage your thoughts on the screen, and think in the way that best suits you.

Designed for Work and Creativity

Plan your next novel or screenplay. Brainstorm ideas with your colleagues. Plan projects big and small.

Designed for School

Use Tidy Mind as a free-form note-taking system. Map out complex subjects to see the patterns emerge.

Designed for You

Tidy Mind is highly flexible and adapts to your existing workflow. You're not locked into any one system or method. Use it the way that works best for you.

User's Guide

Check out the Tidy Mind User's Guide for a detailed walkthrough of all features.

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