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 SyncBoard for iPad and iPhone

Quickly collaborate with others, no meeting room needed.

SyncBoard lets you link multiple iPads and iPhones with a shared virtual whiteboard.

Share photos, PDF slides and documents, then annotate them live. Ideal for:

  • Quickly brainstorming ideas,
  • Group projects at work or in class
  • Presenting work and getting feedback,
  • And even the occasional game of Pictionary at the office.

SyncBoard is designed to work best with multiple people in the same room. It uses direct peer-to-peer connectivity on the local network, without a central server, so your data remains behind your firewall at all times.

There are no subscription fees. Download it once, and use it free forever.

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Download the free Standard Edition today.

The Standard Edition can support up to 3 users at the same time. Upgrade at any time to SyncBoard+ for:

  • Support for unlimited participants
  • Password protect your sessions
  • Multi-page boards
  • Import and share PDF slides and documents
  • Store files in iCloud, Google Drive, and other cloud storage systems
  • Export and print PDF files
  • Custom pen colors
  • And more!

You can also buy SyncBoard+ at a 50% discount in packs of 20 or more for your school or business.

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