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 Slidecast for iOS

The easiest and fastest way to record professional video slide presentations right on your iPad or iPhone:

Step 1: Import slides.
Step 2: Tap Record and flip through the pages as you narrate.
Step 3: Everything you say is recorded in sync with the screen.

Increase Engagement with Personalized Videos

The next time an important client wants some information, why not walk them through it with a custom-tailored video presentation? You and your business are sure to stand out.

Slidecast is a flexible and powerful tool. Use it for: Sales presentations, training videos, remote collaboration, and more.

Whiteboard Videos too

Slidecast can also be used to quickly create whiteboard-style videos. Start with slides or a blank page and present as you would on a whiteboard.

This is ideal for instructional videos as well as for rapidly sharing ideas with your colleagues.

Use it to sketch out a proposal, present plans, or review documents.

Share Securely or Broadcast to the World

Everyone's concerned about privacy these days. So are we.

Unlike with online presentation services, you retain 100% control over your slides and videos. Your content never leaves your iPad, unless you choose to share it or backup to iCloud. Email videos directly to only your colleagues, or upload them to the service of your choice.


  • Open exported PDF decks (or any PDF file) from Keynote, PowerPoint, or 3rd party Apps.
  • Produces High-Quality 1080p or 720p HD Quicktime videos.
  • Integrated scene editor.
  • Smooth scalable vector ink built on the Inkflow Engine.
  • Record using the iPad's built-in mic, or an external one.
  • Project organizer with customizable color categories.
  • Publish directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo from the Photos App.
  • Upload to Dropbox and other services by exporting videos to 3rd party Apps.

User's Guide

Check out the Slidecast User's Guide for a detailed walkthrough of all features.

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