Doodletime is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Each time you start the App, you get a random word (like “banana”) and 60 seconds to doodle it. But instead of just another static picture, the result is a neat 6-second timelapse video that you can share on Vine, YouTube, or anywhere you like.

A few examples:

Creativity Loves Constraint

Doodletime provides a simple and non-intimidating sandbox to create fun little pieces 60 seconds at a time. But you can explore a whole range of different expressions within those constraints.

Try different styles, or give yourself extra challenges (draw with your non-dominant hand, or upside down, or with just your pinkie).

Use Doodletime as part of your own workflow. Do a couple doodles each morning to warm up your brain. Doodle after boring meetings. Keep them as a private art journal, or build a YouTube following around them.

A Fun Creativity Tool

We are dedicated to handcrafting the best possible Apps for your iPhone and iPad, and we hope you enjoy Doodletime. If you have any additional questions, please drop us a line via our feedback page.

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