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Index Cards are Awesome.

We love index cards. We use them a lot.

They are a versatile and surprisingly powerful tool for all kinds of tasks. From brainstorming to drafting storyboards, to planning entire projects, they have a place in every workflow.

We wanted to build an App that captures the ease and flexibility of paper index cards.

With Cardflow, you can quickly jot down ideas on cards and arrange them on a large board. Capture individual concepts, sketch diagrams, or type detailed notes.

Use them for storyboarding...

Or wireframing...

And for managing projects or your daily to-do list...

Cardflow is highly flexible. You're not locked into any one system or method. Use it the way that works for you.

Get all the power of using index cards, without the forest-pulping guilt of paper!

With a Little Magic...

If you already use index cards this way, you can probably replace them with Cardflow without any trouble.

As you use Cardflow more, you will discover all kinds of new ways to use cards that are just not possible with pen and paper.

Order cards in stacks and grids, or shuffle them with a keystroke using Magic Arrange.

Effortlessly move and resize ink. Change card backgrounds and colors on the fly. Share boards or cards with your colleages as high-resolution PDF files.

It's stationery for the 21st century.

Try Cardflow for Mac Risk Free!

To make it easy to see how well Cardflow can turbocharge your workflow, you can try all the features of Cardflow before purchasing. Download it now.

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User's Guide

Check out the Cardflow User's Guide for a detailed walkthrough of all features.

Also available for iPad

Edit the same files on your iPad with Cardflow for iOS.

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